I use haifengl/smile and I need to get the optimal cluster number.

I am using CLARANS where I need to specify the number of clusters to create. I think maybe there is some solution to sort out for example from 2 to 10 clusters, see the best result and choose the number of clusters with the best result. How can this be done with the Elbow method?


The Elbow method is not automatic.

You compute the scores for the desired range of k, plot this, and then visually try to find an "elbow" - which may or may not work.

Because x and y have no "correct" relation to each other, beware that the interpretation of the plot (and any geometric attempt to automate this) depend on the scaling of the plot and are inherently subjective. In the end, the entire concept of an "elbow" likely is flawed and not sound in this form. I'd rather look for more advanced measures where you can argue for the maximum or minimum, although some notion of "significantly better k" would be desirable.

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