I have a 4-5 screen on my Roku channel. But I am facing a problem when I navigate from one screen to another screen.i have to work with some of my logic but I think it's not a proper way what I did. I have faced the below issue 1-Navigation from one to another screen 2-Back from screen

I have done the navigation by doing the below procedure 1-I have declared all the screen in homescene 2-when I need to navigate I will just append that screen and show it and focus it and when I click back I will hide it.

For navigation from one to another screen


So it will navigate to ChapterDetails screen and when I click back in back I will return it false so it will come to my 1st screen of back key event and here i will just hide


Can you suggest me is there any way to handle this thing.

  • Couple of things. First, avoid using setFocus(false), instead do setFocus(true) on the screen/element you want to focus back. Second, make sure the screen you're going back to is visible again. You could even do m.top.removeChild(m.ChapterDetails) to ensure the previous screen visibility is not being blocked. – Thenaz Jun 12 at 22:36

Add one thing in your code :

m.ChapterDetails.close = true

Roku navigation first close screen is required. After the first screen is closed then the second screen will open.

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