I have data variable with coordinate in time that is set to days units. I would like to convert days units to seconds units. Normally the following code should be the idea to do such thing:

So, first I extract the time axis as an array, with days units Then I try to convert it the days units to seconds units

import numpy as np
time = arr['time'].copy()
time = (time - np.datetime64(0, 's')) / np.timedelta64(1, 's')

I got the following error, which I understand its source, but how to achieve what I am trying using something similar.

TypeError: ufunc subtract cannot use operands with types dtype('float64') and dtype('<M8[s]')

Here is my problem when I convert using:

time = pd.to_datetime(u['time'])

my arr data variable is set every three hours, while it has a time coordinate of days units. So originally the time axis should count every 3hr with units of day, currently my array time axis look like 15840. , 15840.125, 15840.25 , ... Now I have to get the time axis at every 3 hour step with second units, it would look like the following: 1.368576e+09, 1.368587e+09, 1.368598e+09, ..., differences between each step would be 10800 seconds.....

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