I have a file which has the following data


multiply 4 and 5

multiply 5 and 6


add 3 to 4

add 8 to 4


sub 3 from 6

sub 9 from 5



div 6 by 2

div 8 by 1

I want to read only add commands from the file.

Using lookup plugin I was able to read the data of the entire file.

But I don't know how to read only the specific add commands from the file

Here's the code that I've written.

 - name: Extracting the Add commands from the File
   connection: local

           contents: "{{lookup('file', 'file1.txt')}}"

           - name: Printing the Add commands of the File
                     var: contents

I am stuck at this point.Could anyone help me out of how to read the specific part of a file in ansible.


Use with_lines. The play below

- hosts: localhost
    my_data_file: "{{ playbook_dir }}/data.txt"
    my_commands: []
    - set_fact:
        my_commands: "{{ my_commands + [ item ] }}"
      with_lines: "cat {{ my_data_file }}"
      when: item is search('^add')
    - debug:
        var: my_commands


"my_commands": [
    "add 3 to 4", 
    "add 8 to 4"
  • Correct me if I am wrong. with_lines breaks the output("my_data_files" content) into lines and for each item the conditional when statement is run if the condition is passed that particular item will be added to the my_commands list – Noobie Jun 12 at 13:39
  • Correct. You're right. – Vladimir Botka Jun 12 at 13:46
  • I have another question I want to do the same task for another file and compare the outputs(both the output lists). Instead of writing the same task again with different variable(my_commands_2) Is there any way to write a single task and call it multiple times one for one file(let's say data1.txt) and one for another file(let's say data2.txt) and then compare the results. – Noobie Jun 12 at 13:49

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