I am wanting to write a script to input one mp3 file, make X amount of copies and add a silence in each copy in different locations, all within a specified range. I would like all of these copies output to a folder named "[Song name] copies". However I have gotten stuck at the beginning stages.

This is on a Windows machine. I am able to successfully do one song at a time in the command prompt, but have had trouble translating even the single command to a .bat file.

sox.exe song.mp3 song_copy1.mp3 pad 5@4

When i put this command into a .bat and run it within the sox folder, it acts like it does the command (takes about 10-15 seconds) but then when finished the converted file does not show.

  • bump. I'm sure this is a simple fix, just need a bit of guidance. – CH33 Jun 17 at 15:17

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