I am running a Fortran code using gfortran in Linux machine. The code runs for say more than one day but at the end of the day it shows the following error:

 At line 252 of file main.f
Fortran runtime error: Cannot open file 
'output_var1_var2_var3_var4_5k.dat': Permission denied

Error termination. Backtrace:

Could not print backtrace: /proc/self/exe: Permission denied
#0  0x7f065e86df3a
#1  0x7f065e86ea95
#2  0x7f065e86f24c
#3  0x7f065e937ba8
#4  0x7f065e937dfd
#5  0x40357e
#6  0x403d13
#7  0x7f065df8882f
#8  0x400f88
#9  0xffffffffffffffff

The 252 line of the code is the following:

        OPEN (unit = iP, file = fname)

where iP=0 and Character fname*500 is fname='output_var1_var2_var3_var4_5k.dat'

This problem comes only when I run the code for more precision. However for less precision there is no error and I get the output file properly written.

I am clueless on which direction I should try to debug since the error does not show up in the short runs(few seconds).

Also the whole directory is not accessible either. An ls -lrth would return the status for all files inside that folder as:

ls:  cannnot access 'main.f': Permission denied
total 0
??????????  ? ? ? ?          ? main.f
  • Your backtrace is useless, you should compile your code for debugging information generation and also for error checking. Use gfortran -g -fbacktrace -Wall -fcheck=all, rerun the code and report back. You then have to show a complete minimal reproducible example and explain where exactly you change the precision in that complete example. – Vladimir F Jun 12 at 12:35
  • "Also the whole directory is not accessible either." Perhaps you should check with your sysadmin first? If you are the admin, you should check why that happens as it is clearly not a Fortran problem. – Vladimir F Jun 12 at 12:37
  • The precision comes with the precision of the integration routine inside the code. The code runs successfully since I am also printing the results on screen. Only when I give a high precision (but this does not change the output file length/entries) it can not create the output file. I am using cluster machine and I will check with the admin. – Boogeyman Jun 12 at 12:53
  • Probably not it (I suspect the filesystem isn't mounted) but unit zero is not valid – Ian Bush Jun 12 at 13:07
  • Thank you all for the replies. The problem was with the permission in the cluster. There was a 1 day token on the file system. After one day the user looses the wright access. – Boogeyman Jun 12 at 13:35

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