I have a table with three columns, length, width and height, all integers and constraint to not become larger than 1000000.

When calculating volume, I cast to bigint and it all fits. However, I have a view that multiplies the volume by another value and that can result in a

ERROR: bigint out of range

for those records that actually have the maximum volume and are multiplied by anything larger than 9.

Is there a way to catch that (e.g. return NULL instead when overflowing) instead of bailing out with an error and not returning anything?

  • Would it be possible to use numeric instead of bigint? – Jeremy Jun 12 at 12:38

I would cast the value to numeric before doing the calculation, which would avoid the error.

If you need to have the result as a bigint, you could use a construct like this:

WITH num_results AS (
   SELECT CAST(value AS numeric) * ... AS bigresult
   FROM ...
SELECT CASE WHEN bigresult BETWEEN -9223372036854775808 AND 9223372036854775807
            THEN CAST(bigresult AS bigint)
            ELSE NULL
       END, ...
FROM num_results;

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