I've setup users and roles on my ElasticSearch and while it works like a charm with curl it doesn't seem to work through FOSElastica. I'm using it to populate my ElasticSearch indices.

I've tried to setup username and password through fos_elastica config file (like shown here) with no success :

        serializer: jms_serializer
            host: localhost 
            port: 9200
            username: 'elastic'
            paswword: 'password'

I've even tried to hard setup username and password in Http.php in Elastica files, same no success and no changes in the error message, it keeps telling me :

In Http.php line 182:

  action [indices:admin/create] is unauthorized for user [anonymous_user]

Like there's no username/password at all. Anyone encountered that problem ?

EDIT : I found something interesting : line 107 of Http.php in Elastica files is


And it doesn't work for ElasticSearch Xpack authentication.

But, if you change CURLATUH_ANY to CURLAUTH_BASIC, it actually works.

I'll open an issue on github.

EDIT : issue opened here

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