I am dynamically executing API callouts using promise all , but I want to control the order of execution of the callouts.

So in the code below, I want callout2 to wait until callout1 is complete and 3 to wait for 2.

dataMap = [callout1, callout2, callout3]
const newMap = dataMap((x) =>{

        req = axios.post(url, {
            "query": x
    return req;

.then( (val) => {
.catch( (error) => console.log('error' + error))
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    Do you want subsequent callout to not execute if the prior one fails? If no, then Promise.all() is not what you should use. – Sujit Kumar Singh Jun 12 at 13:12
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    I added similar question but with different requirement. You can use logic mentioned in the question. – Sujit Kumar Singh Jun 12 at 13:16

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