I'm having an issue with executing the map function for results filtered from fetch call and I've spent 7hours on it so far to no avail.

I'm trying to dynamically render a list of available cities based on the selected country.

First user selects country and then the fetch function gets started GETing list of all the cities from JSON file which are the filtered through the 'element ==== element.country' condition.

For some reason all I get from fetchCityList function ' Cannot read property 'map' of undefined' and the page crashes even though when I console.log the results they return a pretty array of objects.

Strangely, the filterCitiesByCountry function returns exactly the same result as fetchCityList but for some reason results of filterCitiesByCountry get passed into maping function just fine whether fetchCityList crashes the site.

I also thought that maybe the inital render crashes site since fetch takes some time and as the render begins the fetchCityList returns null but then I added this.state.citiesFetched which gets changed only after succesful fetch of cities so I have no clue where to go from now on.

// DOM rendering

<select className='custom-select' onChange={this.handleCitySelect} placeholder='City...' required>

  <option value='' data-index='City...'> </option>
 { this.state.citiesFetched && this.fetchCityList(this.state.country).map(({name, key}) =>

<option value={name} key={key}> {name} </option>


// Faulty function resulting in " Cannot read property 'map' of undefined".

// BTW: console.log(country) shows currently selected country from this.state.country so that part is fine.

// BTW2: console.log(res.filter(res => res.country === country)) also shows an array of filtered objects.

fetchCityList =  (country) => {

            .then( res =>  res.json())
            .then( res => {

            return res.filter(res => res.country === country)

            .then( res =>
                this.setState ({
                    citiesFetched: true


// Function for setting this.state.city which is then used as parameter for fetchCityList function

    handleCountrySelect = (e) => {
            country: e.target.value,
            country_desc: e.currentTarget['data-desc'],
            city: '',
            showGetWeatherBtn: false


// This works perfectly but I was using a huge JSON file imported directly to the component which (I assume) would devastate user loading times

    filterCitiesByCountry = (country) => {

        return citiesJSON.filter ( city => city.country === country)

    handleCitySelect = (e) => {
        this.setState ({
            city: e.target.value

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