I have written a program that when placed in a folder can sort through all .xlsx files within that folder and gather certain requested information then push it to a .csv file. All works as intended when run through Spyder(IDE). However, I wish to convert this to an .exe so that the program can be run outside the IDE. When I run the .exe that pyinstaller creates it brings up the command line runs for a second and closes with what seems like no result. I was also wondering if there's a line of code that I can say put at the end of the code to stop it from closing without me hitting a key.

Here is a snippet of my loop just for reference. As stated all works as intended within the IDE just not when converted using pyinstaller

df = pd.DataFrame()

for f in xFiles:
    #Grabs just Reported Users
    info = pd.read_excel(f, sheet_name="Reported Users")


    df = df.append(info,ignore_index=True)
    #Looking to sort based on color
    #df = df.loc[df['Color code']== "Yellow"]    

df = df[['Operator', 'User ID to be blocked', 'Explanation', 'Color 

#Writes to new file

No error messages shown when running the exe. I don't see any sort of log file that may tell me what's going on

UPDATE: I've found that pyinstaller cannot find pandas. I've tried using hidden imports and still nothing

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