I have configured CI/CD with aws s3. When I do a build, the folder which created and store in s3 bucket. But my requirement is I have to keep only top 5 folders in bucket, if any new folder comes into s3 then it should delete the folder which is oldest among all in that bucket.

For Example, consider the number in which the date the folder is created

                                 1  2  3  4  5

In this I have a five folders in one bucket and each folder is created in first day, second day, third day and so on..

When a new folder comes to s3 bucket in day 6 then the folder in the bucket need to change like this

                                 2  3  4  5  6

Here the day 1 folder is need to delete because it is oldest folder among all folders.

Here oldest refers both date and time as well.

Is this possible with normal S3 bucket life cycle rule. Or it can be done with aws commands or doing with some aws rest api.

Any Help


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