I'm trying to get a foothold on how to set up Karma as a test runner for a set of Jasmine unit tests.

However, whenever I attempt to run my tests via Karma, I get an "Uncaught ReferenceError: module is not defined" error in my index.js file. I am running the tests in Chrome, so I see this error when I open the console and run a test.

When I run my tests with Jasmine alone, the tests run with out issue. Which leads me to believe this is something that I'm specifically doing wrong with Karma.

This is, in essence, my index.js. The line the error points to is where the "module.exports" code begins.

function fibonacci(n){...}
function isPrime(num){...}
function isEven(n) {...}
function isOdd(n) {...}
function toLowerCase(str){...}
function toUpperCase(str){...}
function contains(str, substring, fromIndex){...}
function repeat(str, n){...}
function throwsTypeError() {...}

module.exports = {
    fibonacci: fibonacci,
    isPrime: isPrime,
    isEven: isEven,
    isOdd: isOdd,
    toLowerCase: toLowerCase,
    toUpperCase: toUpperCase,   
    contains: contains,
    repeat: repeat,
    throwsTypeError: throwsTypeError

This is my karma.conf.js in its entirety.

module.exports = function(config) {

        basePath: '',

        frameworks: ['jasmine', 'requirejs'],

        files: [
            { pattern: '*.js', included: true },
            { pattern: 'spec/*Spec.js', included: true }

        exclude: [

        preprocessors: {},

        reporters: ['dots'],

        port: 9876,

        colors: true,

        logLevel: config.LOG_DEBUG,

        autoWatch: false,

        browsers: ['Chrome'],

        singleRun: true,

        concurrency: Infinity

If there's anything else you'd like to see, I can edit this post or you can look at my Github repo: https://github.com/webgirlwonder/karma-jasmine-test

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