I have a cisco switch in which these Evoko meeting panels are connected to via PoE. They freeze up a lot and require reboots at least once every few days. Usually I reboot them by walking into my server closet, and pulling out the corresponding ethernet cables that connect the meeting panels, then plug them back in. The boot process is automated so it's a simple task to routinely reboot them, but I'd love to set up an automated alternative. I'm looking for a way for the following commands to execute once every 24 hours, at like 3 am or something. I have ssh access to the switch from my desk, but I usually find that walking to the switch and replugging everything is easier.

There are many other red hat linux servers on the same network, I was thinking of setting up a cron task from one of them to ssh into the switch and run these commands, but not entirely sure how to accomplish this.

cisco2900switch# config
Configure from terminal, memory, or network [terminal]? t
cisco2900switch(config)# interface fa0/2
cisco2900switch(config-if)# shutdown
cisco2900switch(config-if)# un shutdown

If there is a way to set up a scheduled task on the switch itself, that would probably be way easier. Let me know, thank you!

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