I'm working on a project for school that needs to use Rstudio for data analysis. We have some columns with one character and numerics. We are trying to change this into just numerics. FYI We are not experienced users in any programming languages.

For example: We have a dataset with the following variables: Period - TPeriod - Brand etc Although Tperiod is all in numerics, both period and brand are not. They each include a single letter. Ex: Period b20160399992 (meaning 2016/march)

Brand b007 (meaning a brand name) (There are 56 brands, all following the same sequence -- b001 to b056)

We want to change the brand column or set a keyword for the brand column so that we can use b007 as just 7.

We think by changing this into just 7, we can compare them to their sale units/price etc.

If anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

we have tried to use dplyr but could not follow through. again we are not experienced in any programming languages as we are just learning R for data analysis.

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  • Hi! Please provide a sample data set. Do this by using dput(df), where df is your data frame. Post that in your question. And even better, provide a result of how it should look correctly afterwards. – davsjob Jun 12 at 18:25

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