I'm currently developing a Web Application using ADFS authentication.

I have the following runtime error:

"Cannot find module @auth0/angular-jwt".

I'm using Angular 5.2.10. I've tried to reinstalled my dependencies, however I still have errors:

I've errors in index.d.ts:

Cannot find name 'Provider'and 'ModuleWithProviders'

And in jwt.interceptor.d.ts:

Cannot find modules "@angular/common/http" and "rxjs/internal/Observable"

And in jwtoptions.token.d.ts:

Cannot find module "@angular/core"

I haven't modified any of those files.

Is this an angular version problem? Am I using wrong versions of those libraries?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Delete your node_modules folder
  2. Run npm i

Try running it again

  • I had the same problem with a Vue 3 app. This also helped me. In case it wasn't obvious, it also works for other JS frameworks, not just Angular.
    – TinyTiger
    Oct 9, 2021 at 23:17

Make sure you have installed all the dependency required for “@auth0/angular-jwt/” ,

Basically the bellow solution works for all error saying " Cannot find module"

  1. first install required dependency ( here you should install npm i @auth0/angular-jwt
  2. restart the project

and if still shows the same error then

  1. Delete your node_modules folder
  2. Run npm i

Answering for your first query i.e Cannot find module @auth0/angular-jwt"

Make sure inside node_modules folder you have specified path :- @auth0/angular-jwt/src/

If yes then use

import { JwtHelperService } from '@auth0/angular-jwt/src/jwthelper.service';

if no then first run installation with npm or yarn

npm install @auth0/angular-jwt
# installation with yarn 
yarn add @auth0/angular-jwt


The error messages of the following format:

Cannot find module <module>

indicates that a necessary dependency for your project is unmet and needs to be installed or re-installed if the prior installation had an issue downloading the necessary library.

Perhaps you can try the following and seeing if it helps:

  1. Remove your package-lock.json file to ensure there are no locking issues for dependencies. Note: this file will be auto-generated

    rm package-lock.json

  2. Delete your previous node_modules directory

    rm -rf node_modules

  3. Re-install your dependencies listed in your package.json file

    npm i or yarn install

  4. If you still get complaints about missing modules try installing and saving the necessary dependency into your package.json file

for example,

Cannot find module @auth0/angular-jwt".

npm i @auth0/angular-jwt
  1. Double check dependencies for version compatibility. For example, @auth0/angular-jwt v2 is to be used with Angular v6+ and RxJS v6+. For Angular v4.3 to v5+, use @auth0/angular-jwt v1. I see you mentioned you're using Angular 5.2.10. so make sure your're using version 1 of the @auth0/angular-jwt library.

Hopefully that helps!


Be sure that you have installed @auth0/angular-jwt on the correct node_modules. That solved my problem. It is a typical dependency error.


This error occurs when there is no auth folder in node modules.. Please check its present or not. Run npm install and restart the project


It's very simple like put this in the console:

npm i @auth0/angular-jwt


Perhaps late but for anyone encountering the same issue, make sure you imported the JwtModule in your app.module or feature module, and then in your authentication service you can just use:

import { JwtHelperService } from '@auth0/angular-jwt';

Code example:

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { JwtHelperService } from '@auth0/angular-jwt';

  providedIn: 'root',
export class AuthService {
  constructor(public jwtHelper: JwtHelperService) {}
  public isAuthenticated(): boolean {
    const token = localStorage.getItem('token');
    // Check whether the token is expired and return
    // true or false
    return !this.jwtHelper.isTokenExpired(token);

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