I have a custom role "department admin", and custom post type "department page". Each department admin linked to a department. I need a custom page in admin to edit linked department page. I also used ACF plugin in department page for some custom field, any solution for this problem?

  • Simplest solution will be to use a plugin user role editor and create a new role for every department and assign respectively. Alternative less easier solution will be to register another admin menu, add user meta with department name for each department head and on the new page show department post based on the user meta. – Faham Shaikh Jun 12 at 13:56
  • The long winded solution is to determine the hook controlling the output of post.php, assign department identifying user meta to each department head, check of different user roles(admin, department head and any other) and based on role check the user meta and show posts respectively. First is easiest and second is also feasible but little more time consuming and third may take a while. – Faham Shaikh Jun 12 at 13:59

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