I need to pick orders between two dates. I put data from a datepicker into variables $date_first and $date_second and I used it in my query. I've got an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$date_first' (T_VARIABLE)

The last query works, but the first one stuck at this error. I changed it to >= and < method - nothing, I used just numbers like 2019-05-31 - no result, array is empty, although there is a data. Mysql field date_cost is date, $date_first and $date_last format is YYYY-mm-dd, the same as a database field.

html Choose

$date_first = $_POST['date_first'];
$date_last = $_POST['date_last'];

global $wpdb;
if(!empty($_POST) && isset($_POST['choose_date'])){ 
    $select_orders = 'SELECT * FROM `'.PR_DB.'order_form` WHERE `des_salary`= 0 AND `date_cost` BETWEEN '$date_first' AND '$date_last' ORDER BY `date_cost` DESC';
    echo "<h2>Choose dates</h2>";
    $select_orders = 'SELECT * FROM `'.PR_DB.'order_form` WHERE `des_salary`= 0 ORDER BY `date_cost` DESC';

$q = $wpdb->get_results($select_orders);

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  • Please look at the format of the dates in those 2 fields? If the issue is not then obvious to you, please post the dates into your question for us to see – RiggsFolly Jun 12 at 13:50
  • 1
    Single quotes in a single quoted literal ??? That will cause you issues – RiggsFolly Jun 12 at 13:52
  • 2
    Your concatenation is wrong. Wrap the whole string in double quotes if you want to do it that way. Or use wordpress's prepared statements so you won't have to worry about quoting issues. – aynber Jun 12 at 13:53

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