I have a multitenant Django app app that allows tenants to schedule when the app should send invoices, send reminders, generate reports etc. Am using Celery for running background jobs but can switch to some other package if need be.

Got two challenges. Which is the best way to setup the schedules and the other is how to take care of timezones.


Should I have a Database table which stores the details of the jobs (Type of Job, Time to run, Job Parameters etc) and then have a background job that queries this table say every 1 minute and if it finds Jobs that should have been run in the past 1 minute then it triggers the appropriate background job?

I feel like that is inefficient? Is there a better way to do it?

Currently got a few hundred tenants but I expect to get to about 15,000 tenants so my thinking is that this table might get very big and slow down the query time?

Time Zones

As for time zones, if a tenant is registered as being in GMT 0 and another is GMT+6, how do take care of that in scheduling the jobs so that clients don't have invoices sent at midday when they would have wanted them sent at midnight based on their timezone?

I know Celery has the timezone setting but then that is the timezone for the app not for each tenant.

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