I want my bot to react to the author's message with a emoji specified by the user - however, I get the error "emoji not found"

I've searched all over SO, but I can only find stuff for custom emotes. I don't know why it gives out this error, so I couldnt do much..

async def react(ctx, emoji:discord.Emoji):
        await ctx.message.add_reaction(emoji)

Expected result is to add a reaction to the user's message

Actual result is this error:

discord.ext.commands.errors.BadArgument: Emoji "ð" not found.

(when executing command *react :thumbs_up:) (Prefix for my bot is "*")


A PartialEmojiobject can represent either a custom emoji or a unicode emoji:

async def react(ctx, emoji:discord.PartialEmoji):
    if emoji.is_custom_emoji():
        processed_emoji = bot.get_emoji(emoji.id)
        processed_emoji = emoji.name;
    await ctx.message.add_reaction(processed_emoji)
  • says coulsnt convert to partial emoji now – user10343411 Jun 13 at 5:35
  • Ok so there were lots of errors in this message and uh its still not wotkin (like is_custom_emoji doesnt exist, you mistaled bot for client etc) – user10343411 Jun 13 at 5:49
  • Are you using the latest version? Check print(discord.__version__) – Patrick Haugh Jun 13 at 11:34

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