I am trying to implement RecyclerView ListAdapter with DiffUtils callback to only update/insert rows that has been changed not all. To implement I have to override these function from diff utils areItemsTheSame and areContentsTheSame. I can check areItemsTheSame using id of each object which I get from db. But for areContentsTheSame I don't want to write equals function and match each and every field with .equals method or similiar. I am wondering can I use default hashCode function from the class? If not can I override hashCode function like this?

public class Person {
  String name;
  String surname;
  String country;
  int age;    

  public Person(String name, String surname, String country, int age) {
      this.name = name;
      this.surname = surname;
      this.country = country;
      this.age = age;

  public int hashCode() {
      int prime=31;
      int sum = prime*this.name.hashCode();
      return sum;


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