I have a hive table with IDs and JSON such as below:

id   json
21 | {"temp":"3","list":[{"url":"aaa.com"},{"url":"bbb.com"}]}
42 | {"temp":"2","list":[{"url":"qqq.com"},{"url":"vvv.com"}]}

The desired output is such as below:

id   url
21 | aaa.com
21 | bbb.com
42 | qqq.com
42 | vvv.com

Would anyone help with this hive query?

Applying explode() directly does not work as json column is a string.

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Try with below query:

hive> with cte as (
select stack(2,int(21),string('{"temp":"3","list":[{"url":"aaa.com"},{"url":"bbb.com"}]}'),
int(42),string('{"temp":"2","list":[{"url":"qqq.com"},{"url":"vvv.com"}]}')) as (id,json))  
select id,url from (
select id,
 ,',')jsn from cte)t 
lateral view explode(jsn)asd as url;


id      url
21      aaa.com
21      bbb.com
42      qqq.com
42      vvv.com

Functions Explanation:

Stack --is used to create sample data

get_json_object -- to extract data from json string

regexp_replace --to replace [,]," characters

split --split on , and this will return array

explode --use array column to explode

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    Thank you this is great! – abbeyhi 21 hours ago

You can use get_json_object() and explode() methods together as

select id,
       get_json_object(jst.js,'$.temp.url') as url
  from ( select explode(json) as js FROM json_tab ) jst
  • I realized that the json column is a string. I got an error explode() takes an array or a map as a parameter. – abbeyhi Jun 12 at 20:24

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