In my Android app's unit-tests, I am missing code coverage within the following methods, which are part of the RecyclerView.Adapter class we are utilizing:

override fun onCreateViewHolder(viewGroup: ViewGroup, i: Int)
override fun onBindViewHolder(viewHolder: ViewHolder, i: Int)

I have an existing unit-test that allows me to test the itemCount() method, but not the two above. It looks like this:

    val adapter = MyAdapter(listForMyAdapter)
    val recycler = myFragment.view!!.findViewById(R.id.recyclerView) as RecyclerView
    recycler.adapter = adapter

    assertEquals(recycler.adapter!!.itemCount, 2)

I am using Robolectric to create the activities/fragments/contexts needed for my tests. Is there a simple way I can trigger those methods to be called from a test in order to gain that coverage, given how I am creating the adapter above?

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