I'm writing an application in Java which requires extracting data from a YAML file. For part of it, I'd like to be able to extract just one single component from the YAML file. So for example, with a file like

field: foo

otherField: bar

I'd like to be able to just extract "otherField" without loading the whole file. This is because I may end up changing the structure or terminology we use in the YAML file and I don't want to have to go change the source code if I do. It should be able to simply extract the component based on a field name provided by the user.

I've tried loading the entire YAML file into an object, but this requires me to write a big switch statement to tell which component to display. I'd rather just grab the component I need and nothing else to begin with. I've used snakeYAML as a YAML parsing library, but I could change this if necessary.

  • The word "component" is mentioned zero times in the YAML 1.2, nor is the word "field". Please explain your use of should in "It should be able to extract [sic!]". What makes this a necessity? Of course you need to parse the whole file, at least up and until the key-value pair you are interested in as otherField: bar can occur as a line that is e.g. part of a block style literal scalar, and that at the same indent level, except for elements of a root level component. – Anthon Jun 12 at 19:48

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