The stream activity component https://getstream.github.io/react-activity-feed/#activity is not able to render new lines.

  "actor": {
  "attachments": {
    "files": [],
    "images": []
  "foreign_id": "",
  "id": "",
  "latest_reactions": {},
  "latest_reactions_extra": {},
  "object": "Post\npost\npost\npost",
  "origin": null,
  "own_reactions": {},
  "reaction_counts": {},
  "target": "",
  "text": "Post\npost\npost\npost",
  "time": "2019-06-12T19:11:46.728935",
  "verb": "post"

In the above data the text contains new lines "Post\npost\npost\npost" still it is coming in a single line as in the image below.

Single line text

Is there any way this can be handled in the component.


You can fix this by setting the following css:

.raf-activity__content p {
    white-space: pre-line

I have also included this in the latest version(0.9.16) of react-activity-feed so you won't have to do it yourself.

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