I am trying to extract the 66 books of bible verses in .csv format without story of the passage, the format of the .csv is like thisBook,Chapter,Verse,Text below shows the exact format

Genesis,1,1,"In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth,  "
Genesis,1,2,"the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.  "
Genesis,1,3,"Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.  "

here Book is the name of the book, Chapter is the chapter number, Verse is the verse number and Text is the texts of the verse. Here I made in bash script to extract the bible verses correctly, but i am not sucessfull to extract the bible verses, I am trying to extract from https://www.biblegateway.com/versions/New-Revised-Standard-Version-NRSV-Bible/#booklist

Original version of NRSV has total no. of verse

Genesis=1533 Exodus=1213 Leviticus=859 Numbers=1288 Deuteronomy=959 Joshua=658 Judges=618 Ruth=85 1Samuel=810 2Samuel=695 1Kings=816 2Kings=719 1Chronicles=942 2Chronicles=822 Ezra=280 Nehemiah=406 Esther=167 Job=1070 Psalm=2461 Proverbs=915 Ecclesiastes=222 SongofSolomon=117 Isaiah=1292 Jeremiah=1364 Lamentations=154 Ezekiel=1273 Daniel=357 Hosea=197 Joel=73 Amos=146 Obadiah=21 Jonah=48 Micah=105 Nahum=47 Habakkuk=56 Zephaniah=53 Haggai=38 Zechariah=211 Malachi=55 Matthew=1071 Mark=678 Luke=1151 John=879 Acts=1007 Romans=433 1Corinthians=437 2Corinthians=256 Galatians=149 Ephesians=155 Philippians=104 Colossians=95 1Thessalonians=89 2Thessalonians=47 1Timothy=113 2Timothy=83 Titus=46 Philemon=25 Hebrews=303 James=108 1Peter=105 2Peter=61 1John=105 2John=13 3John=15 Jude=25 Revelation=405

below is my code in bash script


sed -i 's/&lt;/</g' $1.html 
sed -i 's/&quot;/"/g' $1.html 
sed -i 's/&gt;/>/g' $1.html
sed -i 's/&nbsp;/ /g' $1.html 

cat $1.html|sed 's/<option.*//g'|sed '/^$/d'|grep '<h1 class="passage-display">\|class="chapternum"\|class="versenum"'|sed '/^.*<div class="footnotes">/q'|sed 's/versenum mid-line/versenum/g'|sed 's/class="chapternum"/class=chapternum/g'|sed "s/<span class=chapternum>$1 <\/span>/<sup class=versenum>1 <\/sup>/g"|sed 's/class=versenum/class="versenum"/g'|sed 's/<sup class="versenum mid-paragraph">/<sup class=versenum>/g'|sed "s/<sup class=versenum>$1 <\/sup>/<sup class=versenum>1 <\/sup>/g"|sed 's/<sup class=versenum>1 <\/sup>/<sup class="versenum">1 <\/sup>/g'|sed 's/<sup class="versenum">/\n<sup class="versenum">/g'|grep "versenum"|sed 's/<span style="font-variant: small-caps" class="small-caps">Lord<\/span>/LORD/g' > $1.txt

cat $1.txt|perl -pe 's;<sup data-fn.*?</sup>;;g'|perl -pe 's;</span><br.*?">;;g'|perl -pe 's;<\/span><span class=.*?">;;g'|sed 's/<span class="indent-1-breaks">//g'|perl -pe 's;<div class="poetry">.*?">;;g'|sed 's/<\/span>//g'|perl -pe 's;</p><span.*?">;;g'|perl -pe 's;</span>.*?class="line">;;g'|perl -pe 's;</p></div>.*?line">;;g'|sed 's/<\/p><\/div>.*//g'|sed 's/<\/p> <p>.*//g'|sed 's/<\/p>.*//g'|sed 's/ <\/sup>/,"/g'|sed 's/<\/sup>/,"/g'|perl -pe 's;<span class=.*?">;;g'|perl -pe 's;<span id=".*?">;;g'|sed '/<sup class="versenum">1,"$/d' > del.txt

cat del.txt|sed 's/"versenum">/versenum>/g'|sed "s/.*=versenum>/$2,$1,/g"|sed 's/$/"/g' >> $1.csv
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    I hope that you will recognize that "I am not successful to extract the bible verses" is a bit vague. Could you please be more specific wrt the problems you experience? – gboffi Jun 12 at 19:36
  • There is a mismatched in the total number of verses of certain book @gboffi – Biki Teron Jun 12 at 19:44
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    I think it would make a lot more sense to use an HTML parser instead of trying to do this with regex. – JNevill Jun 12 at 20:18
  • How to use HTML parser, and how does it work can you please guide me on this@JNevill – Biki Teron Jun 12 at 20:25
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    Why do you mess around with html when you say your input is csv? If you have to mess with html, why hot use a parser? Why not do the whole thing in Perl instead of a mix of shell, sed, and Perl connected by multiple pipes? – Robert Jun 12 at 23:01

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