I need something like this:

<f:link.typolink parameter="{link}">

but in inline syntax. Is this possible? Thanks!

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if you have your linktext in a variable, you can write:

{linktext -> f:link.typolink(parameter: '1')}

if you want to set your linktext inside your fluidtemplate, you can:

{f:variable(name:'linktext', value:'My Linktext')}

{linktext -> f:link.typolink(parameter: '1')}

parameter: 1 is a link to uid 1,
in your example you can use the {link} variable without the curly braces, e.g.:
{f:link.typolink(parameter: link)}


There is an online converter to convert Fluid tags into inline notation:


Update 27.09.2022: The above mentioned URL is not valid anymore.
But there is a new tool: https://fluid-to-inline-converter.com/

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