I'm still a beginner in SDN and all that comes with it (openflow, mininet, opendaylight...) and so if I say a mistake, please excuse my ignorance. So my request is about marking ip packets by openflow switches: I want to intercept packets coming to switches (by iptables that will send packets in a nfqueue queue) so that the switch can then mark them with its own information (identifier, distance from destination...) on the id field of an ip packet.... this information is then collected by the destination to reconstruct the path taken by the packet. How can I enable a switch to mark packets like this? what commands should I execute? what language to implement the process? Where should I access it? knowing that I have already implemented in C the marking process that works well in the traditional network (I tested it in a quagga router). can this code be useful to me for something in the mininet switches? then if I don't use mininet, can OVS switch do the job? how? Sorry, if I hadn't been more specific, but in anyway I'm here to answer any questions. I hope you can help me clear the way to get started. Thank you.

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  • @Shubha can you help please?? – Amel Ouferhat Jun 13 at 18:08

if you manage your switches with OpenDaylight, then you don't want to use iptables. you can use the openflowplugin to write flows to the switch to do all you want. I think you can have a match-all kind of flow that will have the action you require to "mark ip packets".

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