We have a Q object string similar to

filter_string1 = {'question__startswith':'Who'}
filter_string2 = {'question__startswith':'What'}
filter = Q(**filter_string1) | Q(**filter_string2) && Q(**filter_string1)

This can be used as :


Can we use this filter to check if a certain record (a single record, instance of a model) satisfy above conditions.

Edited to clear question

if the filter looks something like this:

filter = Q(question__startswith = "Who") | Q(question__startswith = "What")

I want to get below result without actually writing it again. Using just filter and the object.

object = Model.objects.filter(id = 1)
if object.question.startswith("Who")  or object.question.startswith("What")
    return True
    return False

Note: object may not be saved to database yet.

  • What if there are two or more records that satisfy this? – Willem Van Onsem Jun 12 at 20:04
  • We actually have the object we want to compare at hand. Not a queryset. – durdenk Jun 12 at 20:09
  • bro can you please little bit explain the use case I am not able to get what you are trying to achieve – chirag soni 2 days ago
  • I have a query string using Q object, I use it to filter querysets, Whereas, sometimes I need to check if a certain record match these criterias. I dont want to rewrite things and use same queryset filters to check. – durdenk yesterday

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