In Angular 7, when the property of a value emitted by an Observable is bound to the input of a child component, is it expected that the input value gets updated (and ngOnChanges invoked) even when the bound property has not changed?

Given the following observable that simply emits a new object with identical properties every second:

const source$ = interval(1000).pipe(map(() => ({
  prop: 'something'
this.obs$ = source$;

Then bind a property of the emitted value to a child component:

<test-comp [something]="(obs$ | async)?.prop"></test-comp>

What I observe is that the 'something' setter and ngOnChanges of test-comp get invoked.

Also, comparing current and previous values are checked in ngOnChanges shows they are identify equal:

if(changes['something'].currentValue === changes['something'].previousValue) {
  console.log('They are equal');

Using a separate observable that simply maps the property from the source observable like so:

this.obs2$ = source$.pipe(map(v => v.prop));

<test-comp [something]="(obs$ | async)"></test-comp>

Works as I had expected, with the 'something' value not being set and ngOnChanges not being called.

Here is a Stackblitz sample that shows the behaviour in question:

Using Angular 7.2.1

Perhaps I've just got it completely wrong, but the behaviour seems inconsistent

  • Why you using setter on your TestComponent it doesn't need to handle the change detection since you are using async pipe? Simply @Input() val: string; is all you need, any changes on that observable will push that change. – penleychan Jun 12 at 20:15
  • @penleychan The setter is just to make it very clear that the input value is being set, even though the value has not changed. I think you have misunderstood the question, as I am not having issue getting changes from the observable to be pushed, it's quite the opposite. – cmatthews.dickson Jun 12 at 20:41

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