I have looked at several other answers and none of them are working. for example: How to set umask for php5-fpm on Debian?

here's the setup.

I have a cakePHP 2 app running with apache as a reverse proxy for php-fpm on RHEL 7.

I've created a site specific user, which we'll call siteuser.

The virtual host for this site will do a 'SuexecUserGroup for the siteuser user/group.

I've added the php-fpm user to the siteuser group.

There are specific directories in cakePHP 2 which must be writable. I've made these directories group writable and set the S bit so new files are created with the group intact.

In addition, I set the systemd UMask for php-fpm as follows:



After saving this file I do a systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl restart php-fpm.

however, the files are getting written as 777 rather than the 664 I would expect.

What am I missing?


Please add a 0 to your umask for the special permissions bit (i.e. sticky, setuid, setgid, etc.)



It seems like your changes are not being recognized at all... I just noticed you are setting this in your override.conf file. In this case you need to make sure that override.conf is being included from the main config (IIRC: php5-fpm.service.conf in the same folder).

Also, have a look at this serverfault question that may contain further information for you.

  • I made the requested change, but it's still creating files as 777. Any ideas what's going on? – Fred Jun 14 at 13:16
  • have a look at the update... – Oerd Jun 14 at 13:24

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