There is a UIWebView in my app that evaluated some javascript to load the webview with some HTML content. I converted the UIWebView to a WKWebView and now that javascript is not evaluating.

I have tried evaluating some much simpler javascript (e.g., setting a div to say "Hello, World!") and that worked. But when I switch to the javascript that was working in the UIWebView, nothing shows up.

        private void InitializeWebView()
            webView = new WKWebView(UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds, new WKWebViewConfiguration());
            View = webView;
            webView.LoadHtmlString(WebCollageHtml(), null);

        private string WebCollageHtml()
                <!DOCTYPE html>
                        <script src='https://scontent.webcollage.net/api/v2/product-content'></script>
                        <div id='wc-power-page'></div>

        private void LoadWebViewContent(string sku)
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(sku))

            string script = @"Webcollage.loadProductContent('elevatemarketplace', '7300039843', {'power-page': {autoPlayAndStop: true}});";


I would expect that if evaluating some javascript worked in a UIWebView, it should also work in a WKWebView.

  • Does the html string works in UIWebView? When I use a UIWebview to load the string, I can see nothing on the screen. Am I doing something wrong? – Jack Hua - MSFT 2 days ago
  • @JackHua-MSFT The html above doesn't show anything until the javascript is evaluated that sets the content in <div id='wc-power-page'></div>. I've updated the code above. – benpva16 2 days ago
  • What is the sku there? I still can't make it work, can you provide a sample? – Jack Hua - MSFT yesterday
  • @JackHua-MSFT Sorry, here's an example sku: 7300039843 – benpva16 yesterday

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