My model has a DateTimeField and a DurationField with the time elapsed from the last record inserted to the current one. I'm trying to remove the DurationField but I must be able to calculate the time elapsed "on the fly"..

This question Difference with previous object in django queryset annotation is quite similar to my problem. The best answer suggests using the Django Window function introduced with the version 2.0. I found that the Lead function works only using integers, but I have a DateTimeField and not an IntegerField, so I tried to convert/cast my field to a timestamp.

This is my Model:

class Event(models.Model):
    date = models.DateTimeField()
    time_elapsed = models.DurationField() # TO BE REMOVED

Here the actual queryset:

    expression=Lead('ts', offset=1,default=0),

It nearly works (it seems), but it takes the next object and does the difference, while I need the PREVIOUS object to subtract the current one. I can't find a solution for this.

Many thanks!


Thanks to @radoh I found the missed function (Lag), unfortunately I haven't reached my goal, yet.

Here the actual queryset:

qs = Event.objects

My diff is now a timedelta (seconds between Event(s)), and now I would want to exclude events with a value less than 36 hours. I tried to go strait chaining filter() or exclude() to my QuerySet, but it seems that is not supported :-)


ProgrammingError: window functions are not allowed in WHERE

I found that Window functions are not allowed but I'm wondering if there is another method to do what I want. Any suggestions?


  • Wouldn't Lag help you there instead of Lead? – radoh Jun 12 at 21:29
  • Thanks @radoh, I updated my post. – aventrax Jun 13 at 8:25

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