I have created Django and VueJS integrated project using webpack_loader. Django runs at localhost 8000 and VueJS at 8080 port. But port 8000 gives me an error in console that GET net::ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID

as I am learning to integrate this two framework together, I followed a tutorial as mention below for this project


Thanks in advance

I have checked http://localhost:8080/app.js and it renders a large file, so how come port 8000 cannt connect with it ?

and I have done following changes too

in vue.config.js

change: baseUrl: “",

to: baseUrl: “",

and in settings.py change the CACHE value to not DEBUG

  • Why do you need to run vue.js on a separate port? Seems to me that you should be using the cli to build the static files (js + css) and make them available to the django framework. – Daniel Jun 12 at 22:33

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