I have an AWS lambda function (Django zappa) that is running inside a VPC thus I'm not able to send emails because Lambda isn't connected to the internet, I tried NAT Gatway but with no hope.

  • I created a NAT Gatway using one public subnet of the VPC.
  • Created another private subnet with a route table that routes to the NAT Gateway.

I would appreciate any help.


Go to VPC Dashboard and use the Launch VPC Dashboard

Launch VPC dashboard

Create (Allocate) an elastic IP address and keep it handy. Select the option VPC with Public and Private Subnets VPC with Public and Private Subnets

Configure the subnet CIDRs and associate the elastic IP created in the previous step in the form. This will create a NAT Gateway and set it up automatically with correct route tables.

Things to note:

  • NAT Gateway should always be in the public subnet.
  • Route table of Private Subnet should have a route to NAT Gateway
  • Route table of Public Subnet should have a route to Internet Gateway
  • Lambda function should be configured with the Private Subnet and not the Public Subnet
  • Security Group configured in the lambda function should allow outbound to (which is there by default, but you should verify)

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