I have a conditional check where I need to look at a certain checkbox, and depending on that, a multiselect field becomes required.

I have something similar in place:

{% for value, text in form.customfield.field.choices %}
<div class="checkbox custom-control custom-checkbox list-inline-item" style="display:inline-flex;">
    <input type="checkbox" name="{{customfield.name}}" value="{{value}}" class="list-inline-item custom-control-input" title="" id="id_{{value}}"  {% if value in customfield.data %} checked="checked"{% endif %}>
    <label for="id_{{value}}" class="form-check-label custom-control-label mr-3">{{text}}</label>
{% endfor %}

Is there a way to do error handling for this? I verified that my form.is_valid() returns false, but the error message does not get displayed, like it does for inputs/textboxes. I'm assuming I need to print the specific error out in the template explicitly, as I am not using defaults like {{ form.customfield }} or {{ bootstrap_field }}

form.is_valid() returns False.

form._errors gives me:

 <ul class="errorlist"><li>customfield<ul class="errorlist"><li>This field is required when the other field is checked.</li></ul>

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