I want to pass command options to a command in function.

For example,

I have a following script, which works with youtube-dl, stream youtube video URL with vlc media player.

    youtube-dl -i -o - "$(cuturlquerystr "$1" | perl -pe "chomp")" | vlc.exe -

vlc has a number of command line options. I want to use those options from youtube-stream command.

Something like,

youtube-stream --pitch-shift="1.5" --rate="1.1" "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVea-2Up8xM" 

The above command means,

youtube-dl -i -o - "$(cuturlquerystr "$1" | perl -pe "chomp")" | vlc.exe - --pitch-shift="1.5" --rate="1.1"

I'd like to implement that by something like following.

    youtube-dl -i -o - "$(cuturlquerystr "$1" | perl -pe "chomp")" | vlc.exe - ${options}

I know getopt parsing method but I want to implement that by a small amount of code as possible as simple. Any idea?

  • Note that the $() command substitution mechanism strips trailing newlines already, you don't need to call perl to do it. Reference. Does cuturlquerystring do something different? – glenn jackman Jun 13 at 0:24
  • Thank you for commenting. cuturlquerystring makes cut query string which is after & of a URL. – k23j4 Jun 13 at 0:40
  • I think you could replace that command substitution with "${1%%&*}" that strips off everything after the first & from the first parameter. – glenn jackman Jun 13 at 0:51
  • It's a better idea. Thanks. – k23j4 Jun 13 at 0:58

Save the first argument in a variable, shift it out of the argument list, then you can pass all the remaining arguments to vlc.exe with "$@".

    local url=$1
    youtube-dl -i -o - "$(cuturlquerystr "$url" | perl -pe "chomp")" | vlc.exe - "$@"

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