I'm using Python 3.7 and BeautifulSoup 4. What's the right way to search for tags that contain specific text? I thought I could do this

soup = BeautifulSoup(code, features="lxml")
no_images_msgs = ["No very similar images were found.", "No similar images were found."]
for no_images_msg in no_images_msgs:
    elts = soup.body.findAll(text=re.compile("^.*" + no_images_msg + ".*$"))
    print("index:" + str(code.find(no_images_msg)))
    print("searched for " + no_images_msg + " found:" + str(len(elts)))

but interestingly, even though the "find" call returns a positive number indicating the specified string can be found in the HTML code, the "findAll" call fails to find anything. What am I doing wrong?

  • You are certain the string is contained in the <body>? With the call to find you are searching the entire page. Might be something else though. – Deepstop Jun 13 at 2:32
  • 1
    Can you provide an url and expected result count? – QHarr Jun 13 at 3:03

Isn't it find_all()? I just checked the documentation and they renamed findAll in BeautifulSoup 4.

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