I've been copying, renaming, and refactoring Android Studio projects for a few weeks without issue. My last two attempts have rendered unfamiliar behavior. For context, here is (was) my current SOP:

  1. Copy/rename project in Finder
  2. Open project in Android Studio
  3. Clean project
  4. Refactor package to new desired name
  5. Update app_name in styles.xml
  6. Verify appId in build.gradle(Module:app) (syncing if necessary)
  7. Verify app_name/package name in manifest.xml are correct

Like I said, been executing using this method for a while until earlier this week. Here are the issues I'm experiencing all of a sudden. Screenshots follow ordered list.

  1. When the copied project is opened in Android Studio, it generates 2 build.gradle(Module: app) files. One from the original project and one for the new project.

  2. When I attempt to refactor the package name on the new project, it changes the package name in the original project as well. <-- I'm obviously missing something here, but this is the first time I've seen this.


side-by-side of build.gradle files


original project with 1 build.gradle file


new project with 2 build.gradle file

  • try invalidate cache / restart – Basi Jun 13 at 4:28

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