Am trying to add a new feature to my code. That is to change the focus of an image with zoom effect. I have my x and y coordinates of the image . For eg([xaxis] => 409.10584934476, [yaxis] => 199.61794106747) These are the coordinates of the plain image. Similarly I have 5 more x and y coordinates. BY clicking on a particular icon, its zoom have to be done on to its corresponding co-ordinates. For implementing the above feature we can use transform property in css. Is there any way to calculate the scale value on each click? How can we position the focus of image to the coordinates? Please help

This is what i tried. Here the scale is a fixed value and transform is to left side. Can we change these two factors dynamically with respect to the x and y coordinates that we have?

  $('img').css({"transform-origin": "left" });
  $('img').css({"-moz-transform": "scale(2)" });
  $('img').css({"-ms-transform": "scale(2)" });
  $('img').css({"-o-transform": "scale(2)" });
  $('img').css({"transform": "scale(2)" });

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