I'm trying to retrieve the username from my aws.cognito.token Cookie, which is also my authentication cookie, inside my Apache 2 reverse-proxy on ubuntu. I'm really unsure how to bring in and visualize (console.log()) the username within the proxy. Here below is my .conf file which is specific to an application. Notice myUser is hardcoded on the RewriteRule line, I would like this to be dynamic based on the user's cookie. TIA. A pointer to the correct documentation would also be useful.

i've looked into HTTP_COOKIE but nothing there or maybe i'm not following the documentation correctly. I am not sure how to bring in a variable into the reverse proxy.

ProxyPass /Sandbox-test/ 'https://ip-10-20-1-101:8443/'

<LocationMatch /Sandbox-test>
        AuthType oauth20
                Require valid-user
                Require claim iss:https://cognito-idp.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/us-west-2_v2787I2wF
                Require claim appIds:myAppID || appIds:root
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/html
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/Sandbox-test/(.*)
        RewriteRule ^([^?]*) $1&user=myUser
        Substitute "s|<html><head><script type|<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Lumira - CCTHealth</title><link rel='icon' type='image/png' href='/lumira/favicon.ico' sizes='32x32'><script type='text/javascript'>document.title=window.name + ' - Lumira - CCT Health'</script><script type|i"
        Substitute "s|<!--|<!DOCTYPE html><!--|i"
        ProxyPassReverseCookiePath / /Sandbox-test
        SetOutputFilter proxy-html
        ProxyHTMLURLMap / /
        ProxyHTMLURLMap /images([^\)]*) url(/images$1) Rih
        RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding

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