I am trying to merge items within a Clojure list by the data type of items.

I tried using conj, merge, into to merge items. But they seem to work perfectly when the list items have the same data types.

(def args '({:a 1} "Heading"))
(def args2 ({:b 2}))
(conj args args2)

The output I get is ({:b 2} {:a 1} "Heading"). Instead I would like to achieve ({:b 2 :a 1} "Heading").

  • What if both inputs contain a string? – akond 2 days ago
  • For my specific case it multiple strings are there they are the part of the list. Final result can look like ({:b 2 :a 1} "Heading 1" "Heading 2"). But it would be great if I could specify if I want to concat them or not. – pntripathi9417 2 days ago

It is a little bit complicated, but since you asked for flexibility, there you go:

(defmulti conjoin first)

(defmethod conjoin :default [[k v]] v)
(defmethod conjoin (class {}) [[k v]] [(apply merge v)])
(defmethod conjoin (class []) [[k v]] [(vec (apply concat v))])

(let [a '({:a 1} "Heading" [a])
      b '({:b 2} "Fake" [b])]
    (->> (concat a b)
         (group-by class)
         (mapcat conjoin)))
=> ({:a 1, :b 2} "Heading" "Fake" [a b])
  • Thanks a lot. This seems really clean and adaptable for future use cases. Realized it more after porting it for my own use case. – pntripathi9417 2 days ago
  • Though this works perfectly in case of Clojure. But when I start using it in ClojureScript I get the error Use of undeclared Var ad.base.typography/class. I modified the class method to type and it worked like a breeze. – pntripathi9417 2 days ago

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