I'm capturing a frame of an animated view, and I'd like to use this to create a new CALayer to add to a view. This is the code I have at the moment but nothing is appearing;

let screenshot = animatedView.layer.presentation() let newLayer = CALayer.init(layer: screenshot) self.view.layer.addSublayer(newLayer)

Thanks for any help :)


presentation() just returns a copy of a layer as it's being presented on screen.

Try it like this:

if let screenshot = animatedView.layer.presentation() {
    let modelLayer = CALayer(layer: screenshot)

You could also make sure the layer is laid out first before you call presentation()


EDIT: My mistake - I guess a copy can't be added as a sublayer. Edited code above to include a proper instantiation of a CALayer from a presentation copy.

  • thanks, i tried that code but i got this error: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'CALayerInvalidTree', reason: 'expecting model layer not copy: <CALayer: 0x600000be64a0>' – brontea 2 days ago
  • My bad, edited code above. Make sure you're instantiating your modelLayer correctly. – jake 2 days ago
  • still returning a blank layer for me, but thankyou for your help :) – brontea 2 days ago
  • Hmm. Are you animating animatedView or are you animating animatedView.layer? For the former, I don't think taking presentation() of the view's layer will work (you'd need to get the ImageContext for that). Let me know if that's the case. – jake yesterday

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