I am trying to create a brand new byte array from an existing byte array. My existingBtyeArray has metadata1 from index 0 - 16, and metadata2 from index 16 - 33 and then the remaining would just be called remaining, lets say it goes from index 33 to 100. Right now the byte array is order like this:

existingBtyeArray = metadata1 (0 - 16) + metadata2 (16 - 33) + remaining (33 - 100)

I would like to move metadata2 to the end of remaining in a new byte array so something like this:

newByteArray = metadata1 + remaining + metadata2

How can this be done?


This can be done by using System.arraycopy to copy a part of array.

public static byte[] reconstruct(byte[] arr){
    byte[] result = new byte[arr.length];
    System.arraycopy(arr, 0, result, 0, 16); //copy metadata1 
    System.arraycopy(arr, 33, result, 16, arr.length-33); //copy remaining 
    System.arraycopy(arr, 16, result, 16 + arr.length-33, 33-16); //copy metadata2 
    return result;

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