time-complexity of merge sort is 3nlog_2(n)? O(log_2(n))??

if n = 64 >> runtime 300 sec

if runtime 360 sec >> n = ? (probably the answer is 84)

i can't remember exactly

but if you could understand what this problem means

plz explain to me.

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  • Big-O complexity doesn’t mean you can determine runtimes based on the number or items, or vice versa. It just shows how the requirements grow in the worst case when number of items is very large, or approaches infinity. – Sami Kuhmonen 2 days ago
  • Time complexity should be O(n log2(n)), but for something this exact, you'd need to go through the details, number of items compared (assume worst case) and number of items moved (fixed case). 3 n log2(n), implies 2 reads (for the compare) and 1 write (assume the elements fit in registers) for every element merged. – rcgldr 2 days ago

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