At some point data was saved as a string instead of an array of strings. There are some records that now have a value of:

users: "someuser@gmail.com"

but it should be:

users: ["someuser@gmail.com"]

Is there a way to update this in MongoDB?

Something like is what is a start, but I don't want to lose the data in the field. I need that info still, just inside an array:

db.users.update({users: {$type: 2}, {$set: {users: {$type: 4}})

You can use $out to modify existing collection:

        $addFields: {
            users: { $cond: [ { $eq: [ { $type: "$users" }, "string" ] }, [ "$users" ], "$users" ] }
        $out: "collection"
  • Note that this solution will turn fields that already contain an array into an array within an array – Plancke 2 days ago
  • @Plancke you are absolutely right, modified my answer, thank you ! – mickl 2 days ago
  • I think the updated answer might still do it for every record, I could be wrong but the $type operator on array fields matches any element inside the array. I don't have access to a mongo install to confirm this right now though. Could possibly do {"$users.0": {$exists: false}} to check if there's an element at index 0? – Plancke 2 days ago
  • @Plancke please take a look here: mongoplayground.net/p/mFxdneyWc1u – mickl 2 days ago
  • Ah, interesting, I recalled a few instances giving me troubles before using types with array, glad it works like this. – Plancke 2 days ago

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