I followed the instruction of this documentation in uploading image in amazon s3 with this.


I want to upload base64 image I have this code:

    def savetos3
       imagePath = ' ETC...'
       service = AWS::S3.new(:access_key_id => 'MYACCESSID',
                          :secret_access_key => 'MYSECRETKEY')
                bucket_name = "MYBUCKETNAME"
                bucket = service.buckets[bucket_name]
                bucket.acl = :public_read
                key = "img/#{downloadID}/#{size}.png"
                s3_file = service.buckets[bucket_name].objects[key].write(:file => imagePath)
                s3_file.acl = :public_read

this error will show

"#<Errno::ENAMETOOLONG: File name too long @ rb_sysopen - 

how to convert base64 to a file?

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