What's the equivalent of int32_t in Visual C++?

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    Visual C++ has that, just include <cstdint> Apr 14, 2011 at 2:12

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Visual C++ 2010 include <cstdint>, which includes typedef std::int32_t (you can also include <stdint.h> which has the same typedef in the global namespace).

If you are using an older version of Visual C++, you can use Boost's <cstdint> implementation.


What I do is make my own typedefs after making sure the types exist like so:

#ifdef _MSC_VER
    #if _MSC_VER >= 1600
        #include <cstdint>
        typedef __int8              int8_t;
        typedef __int16             int16_t;
        typedef __int32             int32_t;
        typedef __int64             int64_t;
        typedef unsigned __int8     uint8_t;
        typedef unsigned __int16    uint16_t;
        typedef unsigned __int32    uint32_t;
        typedef unsigned __int64    uint64_t;
#elif __GNUC__ >= 3
    #include <cstdint>

typedef int8_t      s8;
typedef int16_t     s16;
typedef int32_t     s32;
typedef int64_t     s64;
typedef uint8_t     u8;
typedef uint16_t    u16;
typedef uint32_t    u32;
typedef uint64_t    u64;

If you have a pre-cstdint version of Visual Studio, you can use __int32.


int. But, if you want to continue using the stdint typedefs in VC++ versions prior to 2010 (in which the cstdint header was introduced), consider using Boost.Config's cstdint implementation.

  • I'm not the downvoter, but note that int32_t is signed. So you probably should have just said: int, as it is 32bit on VC. Apr 14, 2011 at 2:17
  • I don't believe that you are guaranteed a 32-bit int for every architecture that VC compiles to.
    – user470379
    Apr 14, 2011 at 3:05
  • @user470379 : Since VC++ 1.52, it is in fact guaranteed that int is 32-bit. And if you're using a version of VC++ earlier than that, then I suspect you'll have larger issues than sizeof(int) to worry about ;-]
    – ildjarn
    Apr 14, 2011 at 3:44

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