I have written VBA code to edit chart data, the code runs fine. But the issue is I can not edit chart data after reopening the file and also when I click on edit data for more than once (After the file gets created).

I have tried searching for solution,

  1. Trying to get powerpoint 2016 ( Which I can not do in my Office laptop, we have Office 365)
  2. Copying chart and pasting in new powerpoint slide ( Did not work)
  3. Update link ( Trying But no success)

My code:

If PPPres.Slides(3).Shapes("Chart").HasChart Then
    '## check to see if this shape is a chart.'
    ' clear out any existing series data in the chart'
    PPPres.Slides(3).Shapes("Chart").Chart.ChartData.Workbook.Worksheets(1). _
                         range("A1:F2").Value = Sheets("Sheet 1").range("A19:F20").Value
End If

Please help me with this issue. I have been trying hard to solve it.

  • What code did you use to try to get powerpoint 2016? And why do you think you can't do it just because you have Office 365? Office 365 comes with PowerPoint, which isn't really PowerPoint 2016 or 2019, but it is referenced the same way. Also what code did you use to try the other two items in your list? The code you posted doesn't address any of these. – Jon Peltier Jun 19 at 3:22

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