I am trying to get events of a group calendar within a specific range. Already found this post:

Microsoft Graph SDK .NET get events in range

Then tried to adopt the code provided in the above post to fit my needs:

DateTime dateStart = DateTime.Parse("2019-13-06T00:00:00"), dateEnd = dateStart.AddDays(30);

List<QueryOption> options = new List<QueryOption>()
    new QueryOption("startDateTime", dateStart.ToUniversalTime().ToString()),
    new QueryOption("endDateTime", dateEnd.ToUniversalTime().ToString())

var eventsInRange = await graphClient.Groups[groupId]

The result was, that eventsInRange was not null but the resultset of events did not contain any element.

There are events in the specific calendar and I get them when using this code:

events = await graphClient.Groups[groupId]

Did not find a lot of information about that in the official microsoft documentation. So it's hard to guess what I did wrong.

Would be great if anyone has some helpful idea.

Thanks in advance!


I found a solution myself and this is what I found out. Maybe it will be helpful for someone else too:

This code was inside of a try-catch-block and therefore I got no exception during debugging as long as I put a breakpoint into the catch block. That showed me an error pointing to a missformatted datetime string.

What solved the problem was an additional formatstring for the ToString() method:

new QueryOption("startDateTime", dateStart.ToUniversalTime().ToString("o"))

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